North Eagles Smart Network has arrived!

In order to shorten the reaction time between an H2S or CO leak and
the emergency response, the NORTH EAGLES gas detector watch can be
connected to our Smart Network and is able to transmit the alarm in real
time to the control room.
Based on a proven technology, the NORTH EAGLES LPWAN (Low-Power
Wide Area Network) will bring connectivity to the watch taking the
environment constraints into account:
- Real time transmission in case of alarm
- Light infrastructure
- Low infrastructure costs
- Robustness in harsh RF environment (metal structures, thick
concrete walls, etc.)
- Low power mobile equipment

This technology allows a wide coverage with a small number of gateways
(above 7km coverage in line of sight).
The operator will have a fully digitalised event including all the parameters
such as the ID of the worker, the time of the event, the geolocation of the
worker or the asset, the gas concentration, etc.
The whole solution is powered by an extremely flexible and powerful
network & application software.

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